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List of Experiments



B - basic equipment (voltage probe, temperature probe, accelerometer, light probe, pressure probe, force meter)
A - additional equipment

Difficulty Level

S - basic
C - advanced

Types of activities

I - investigation type activity
M - model type activity

1.Introduction to the handheld technology (TI83 and CBL)
2.Introduction to the handheld technology (TI89 and CBL)
3.Experimental testing and curve fitting
4.Errors and statistics
5.Discover motion
6.Why wear a hat when skiing

1.Toy car on an inclined plane TI83/84SBM
2.Jumping on a scale TI83/84S+CBI
3.Mass-spring oscillations TI89/92S+CBM
4.Real pendulum TI89/92CAM
5.Impulse and momentum collision TI83/84SAI
6.Accelerating objects - car TI83/84SBI
7.Accelerating objects - elevator TI83/84SBI
8.Accelerating objects - aeroplane take off TI83/84SBI
9.Breaking distanceTI83+/TI84+ TI89/TI92SAI
10.Ball bounce TI83/84SBI
11.Standing waves TI83/84S+CAI
12.Sounds and noises TI89/92SAI
13."Sonic boom" TI83/84S+CBI
14.Measurement of sonic speed in air and metalTI83+/TI84+ TI89/TI92S+CBI
15.Hot or cold ? TI83/84SBI
16.Frozen lake TI83/84SBI
17.Convection currents and anomalous behaviour of water TI83/84SBI
18.Latent heat of fusion TI83/84SBM
19.Thermal equilibrium between two bodies TI83/84SBI
20.Newton's law of cooling TI83/84SBI
21.Atmospheric pressure TI89/92SBI
22.The Ohm's law TI89/92S+CBM
23.RC - charging capacitor TI83/84S+CBM
24.Exploring Faraday's law TI83/84CAM
25.Slit-diffraction spectra TI89/92S+CAM
26.Directional properties of light sources TI83/84SBM
27.Exploring the inverse square law for light TI83/84SBM
28.Absorption of light by a set of transparent plates TI83/84SBM
29.Solar heating TI83/84SAI
30.Half life of Protaktinium TI83/84SAI
31.Radioactive decay - modelling in Excel - S-M

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